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Building websites for Northern NH

It's more essential than ever to have the right online presence for your business or organization. Reach more people, leave great impressions and grow your business with a custom website!

Already have a website and not 100% happy with how it looks? Need someone to keep your website up to date? Our webmaster services will take complete care of your website while you run your business.

We live and work in the North Country every day. Our focus is serving local clients. Our passion is helping our community to grow and succeed.

Websites built and serviced by us:
Gorham Public Library
Limitless Playground
*NEW* North Country Helpers

My portfolio website:

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Our Services

Custom Websites Web Management IT Consulting

Custom Built Websites

We won't stop working until it's a website that you love.
  • Responsive - mobile first designs: over 50% of web traffic is from mobile devices! Look great on any screen.
  • Coded from scratch - our sites are completely customizable for pixel-perfect designs.
  • Personalized - we take the time to get to know your organization's goals and vision, for a site that's unique to you.

Web Management and Webmaster Services

Let us care for your website so you can focus on your business!
  • Server maintenance and administration
  • Design changes and website overhauls
  • Content updates and copy-writing

IT Consultations

Have a technology or computer related need? Just ask!

  • Streamline business tasks with custom software
  • System and network design
  • Project management support
If it's a problem outside of our expertise we will always point you in the right direction.

Hi, my name is Tim Deschamps, Jr. I am a dad, husband and self-taught web developer. Our family moved to Northern NH in 2015 and we have since come to call the North Country our home. When I'm not working on a web project, you can usually find me hiking with our dog or hanging out with my two sons. Even if you just need some friendly tech advice, always feel free to give me a call. And if you decide to work with us, you can trust that we will do our best to create the right online presence to grow your organization.


I have a website that was built several years ago, why should I upgrade it?

Design trends and internet usage patterns are constantly changing. Chances are, if your website is more than a few years old, it looks outdated and is unlikely to be designed to look good on both mobile devices and desktops. Mobile devices could be 50% or more of your website’s traffic! Our web designs are responsive, meaning they will have a specific layout for mobile devices and another layout for bigger screens like desktops. Your site will look great on any device.

Isn’t local advertising and word of mouth enough marketing for my business?

Some businesses can sustain themselves and even grow simply through word of mouth and well-placed local advertising. However, more and more people are looking online first when deciding where to spend their money. Being there when they do with a modern, professional looking website will allow you to stand out against the competition. All those tourists visiting the North Country will be looking online first as well!

Can’t I build my own website with a service like Squarespace?

You can, with a fair bit of learning and time. This requires you to manage every aspect of the website (domain, hosting, private email...) and learn how to use the website building software. You would also be stuck with whatever templates, fonts and features the service provides you. Our custom websites are coded from scratch, so you have complete creative freedom to design your website exactly how you want it - no cookie cutter websites here.